I’ve been going to Zara for the last few years. She is the second person I’ve been to for botox and I won’t ever been looking for a third. Do yourself a favor and go on their Instagram to get a feel for Zara’s colorful personality. You will instantly fall in love with her, as I have. Whether you’re a newbie or a regular going somewhere else (to botox/facials/lasers etc) you will not be sorry booking any appt at CRMC.


Zara has hands of gold. I have never been so comfortable going to a cosmetic center as I am with CRMC. My husband came with me for the first time for cryotherapy and an IV vitamin cocktail. His experience was so great that he already booked his next session.


I’ve been wanting to get Botox but I was a little nervous about it. Finally I pulled the trigger and Dr. Zara was the best person for a newbie to see. She walked me through the next steps, what to expect, and her suggestions were perfectly tailored for me. Getting the injections was quick and pretty painless. I was happily surprised. Everyone at the front was very nice too. I highly recommend this place. Dr. Zara is fabulous!


For a very long time I was incredible skeptical about getting my lips done because I didn’t want to have a fake look. Doc. Zara is the most incredible person ever!! She knew exactly what I needed and how I wanted it — simply by looking at me. She told me her thoughts and opinions and told me how she would do it and what it would look like so I could get a natural look, but with a little plumpynesss. Seriously, she read my mind. I’m so happy I waited all this time until finding Doc Zara to go to her !!!! First time I’ve ever done my lips and I wouldn’t want it any other way.